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Bekids.mt was conceived when leaders of different children’s ministries in the Archdiocese of Malta came together to plan for Pope Francis apostolic journey to Malta in 2020. The papal visit was postponed to April 2-3 2022. But that first online meeting in 2020, also happened to be on the very first day that schools, churches and catechetical centres in Malta closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support all Catholic parents, who remain those primarily responsible for their children’s Christian formation, the team of ministers created a resource website with children’s games, videos, podcasts and crafts rich in catechetical content. The team also prepared a weekly “Sunday Liturgy” gospel reflection for families as well as encouraged all children and their family to come together to pray in their “Prayer corner.”

Bekids.mt was launched again in the current format, that offers a comprehensive catechetical formation for children and preadolescents, in August 2020. It continues to support parents, catechists and all those tasked with young people’s formation in the faith, to reflect on the relation between gospel and life (“Sunday Liturgy”), to nurture their life of prayer (“Prayer Corner”), to grow in virtue as inspired by the life of the saints (“Heroes”) and to learn more about the Catholic tradition (“Know Your Faith”).

Bekids.mt also partners with international catechetical websites to offer the best formation through digital media for our children in their homes, parishes, catechetical centres and schools.

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Sunday liturgy category: Mariosa Micallef, Kay Buttigieg and Mariana Debono
Prayer corner category: SDS team and Kummissjoni Djocesana Tfal
Heroes category: Pauline Darmanin
Know your faith category: Children’s Catechesis Section, Lifelong Catechesis
Illustrations: Mireille Tabone
Catechism in pictures: Brenda Prato and Mariosa Micallef
Website content manager: Martina-Anne Attard
Website development: Digital Presence Office

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