Saint Benedict of Nursia

11th July

Saint Benedict lived in the beginning of the 6th century, but his teachings are still relevant to this very day. 

Saint Benedict’s life was marked by education, prayer, penitence and miracles, even during his own lifetime. The Benedictine Rule, the rule Benedict wrote for his monks, is still referred to today. The most famous phrase from this rule is “Ora et Labora” (Prayer and Work), which together with the principle of hospitality (meaning that all are welcomed), they were the basis of the monastic lifestyle in Monte Cassino. 

Saint Benedict is one of the patron saints of Europe, and in Malta, one of our educational colleges is named after him: St Benedict College. 

One would think that these one-thousand-five-hundred-year-old principles are not practical in today’s world. But this is not the case. What can we apply from the life of this saint to our family life? 

The principle of “Ora et Labora” 

Discuss with the children how they can spend their day, especially now that they are during their holidays, so as not to become lazy. If the children are old enough, you can present them with the thought that Jesus appreciates their work as much as he appreciates their prayers. 

The rules  

Talk with the children about the importance of rules. Do we need rules? On a number of occasions, the children will mention the rules found in society, such as traffic regulations and other laws such as the Ten Commandments. Do we need household rules, however? You can discuss with the children some simple rules (not more than three) that can be helpful so that things run smoother in the house. 

To be helpful 

We must encourage the children to help others.

(You can put the name/s of the child/children on a piece of paper and every time they help someone in any way, they can stick a small heart next to their name. At some point give the children space to discuss what they have done.) 


During this week, besides their own spontaneous prayers, pray together the Our Father

Saint Benedict lived a life of prayer and he also taught and helped those in need. He preached Jesus’s message to the poor and to a lot of countries in Europe. Saint Benedict’s examples have inspired a lot of people, even to this very day.

This week choose to do something nice to someone you meet.

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