Convoy Rescue

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer during wars

On the 15th of August, the Maltese remember a group of ships called a convoy that sailed into Grand Harbour without being destroyed during World War II. The sailors, soldiers and crew on these ships risked their life to help the Maltese who were starving and bombed.  Nowadays, there are many countries where people suffer because of war. There are also soldiers, doctors and other volunteers who defend, deliver food or other necessary items and give medical help to people who need it. 

This prayer space is called Convoy Rescue.

You will need:

  • Poster of the Santa Maria Convoy or find a video clip on youtube 
  • A blank sheet of paper 
  • Pen, pencil or colours
  • A blanket, bandages, bottle of water, canned food, money
  • Collect some items which people who are in a war-torn country would need such as bandages etc.
  • Look at the poster of the Santa Maria Convoy entering Grand Harbour and at the items you have collected.
  • Think of a country in our times where there is war. What help would they need?
  • Say or write a prayer for the people of this country and for the many people who help these war victims.

How to use this space

God speaks to us in many ways, including through prayer at home. Here you will find useful background and activities to better understand how to pray, helping you to connect with God in your daily life in a meaningful way.