Fifth reflection

Speaking about St. Paul’s voyage to Malta, Pope Francis describes the Maltese people during that time as showing unusual kindness, and as people who already knew how to welcome St. Paul and all those who were with him on the ship.

It was raining and cold, and after the great difficulties they encountered at sea, St. Paul and those who were with him on the ship were well received and given the help they needed. This hospitality, which describes the Maltese people during St. Paul’s time, is also the quality that we are called to live today. Because St. Paul was welcomed in Malta, he was able to talk about Jesus and heal the sick who were living in Malta at that time. Pope Francis reminds us, that when we welcome one another we are loving those who are different from us and giving them a chance to love us back. The differences between us should not be a source of division or fear but a wonderful opportunity to help us grow and remind us that we are all brothers and sisters.

St. Paul teaches us that when we encounter difficulties, we should trust in God, because when we trust in God and receive God’s gifts, we too can share these gifts with one another. Pope Francis reminds us that the greatest gift God gives us is the gift of one another.

Even though we are very different from one another, let us learn to welcome one another as a gift from God to us by showing kindness and love to all!