Pause and Listen

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer for a calmness

Who knows those times when our teachers pointed out that we are to talk one at a time to listen and understand each other. And then we start raising hands and wait for our turn to speak.

If we want to listen to our inner voice, it is essential to calm down and be still to detach from the chaos that surrounds the world and then calm down our inner selves. Like that, we will be able to hear God’s voice communicating with us.

Today’s Prayer Space which we will be carrying out with those who live with us is called: Pause and Listen. One needs:

  • Headphones
  • A two or four-minute music piece. You can use one of these:

2 minutes Relaxing Piano Music | Music for Stress Relief

2 Minute Piano Music- Instrumental Background Music

Relaxing Music 3 Minutes, Background Music,Calm Music 3 Minutes

After listening to the piece of music and calming down, take a deep breath in another one out slowly.

Take off the headphones. Enjoy the silence and stillness for a few minutes. Observe how a beautiful person you are.

How to use this space

God speaks to us in many ways, including through prayer at home. Here you will find useful background and activities to better understand how to pray, helping you to connect with God in your daily life in a meaningful way.