Setting up a tent

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer for creation

Hi Kids!

Imagine that we are on a trip. After a while you reach a really beautiful place. Everywhere around you, there are mountains, lakes among fields full of green grass, trees, colourful flowers of every kind. Then you notice a butterfly, birds flying, a cat running. As you look at a path, you decide to follow it. While walking slowly and enjoying the gentle breeze of the wind, you hear someone calling you: “Time is up, we’re leaving very soon!” Your immediate reaction at that moment is: “Let us stay here longer!”

This week’s Prayer Space is: Setting Up A Tent

We need

  • a tent template
  • pen, pencil or markers
  • crayons or paints
  • stickers

Form the paper tent or set up a fabric one in a quiet corner at home. On one side write a phrase to give gratitude to God for the beauty of creation. On the other side draw a cloud and on it write: “You are my beloved.”

In a quiet moment thank God for choosing you to be part of the beauty of creation He created.

Some seconds pause in silence for a moment of prayer.

Bye Bye friends

Until we meet again!

How to use this space

God speaks to us in many ways, including through prayer at home. Here you will find useful background and activities to better understand how to pray, helping you to connect with God in your daily life in a meaningful way.