Wand of love

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer to love one another

Has it ever crossed your mind that Jesus gives us his commandments because he wants us to be truly joyful? Jesus is our best friend, he loves us and he tells us what is best for us.  

He commands us to love one another the same way he loves us. This means that he commands us to love everyone including those who do not deserve our love.  When we do so we feel happier.  It is very difficult to love those who do not love us back but one way to love them is to pray for them.  Praying for others is a way of loving others. 

The prayer space we are going to do today with those who share our same household is called: Wand of love and to do it we need: –

  • 3 pipe cleaners preferably of the same colour

Take some time to think if your heart is open to love everyone in the same way God loves you. 

Using 2 pipe cleaners make a heart shape and with the third pipe cleaner to form the stick of the wand.

Ask God for pardon for the times when you did not obey this commandment and you failed to show love towards everyone.

Some second pause gathered in prayer.

Place this wand somewhere where it reminds you that if you want to be happy you are to sprinkle your love by what you say and/or do over everyone.

Bye Bye Friends till we meet again.

How to use this space

God speaks to us in many ways, including through prayer at home. Here you will find useful background and activities to better understand how to pray, helping you to connect with God in your daily life in a meaningful way.