Washed away

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer for forgivness

“I wish I hadn’t …”  “I’m sorry…” “I didn’t mean to …” Sometimes other people say and do things that hurt us. Has anyone hurt you? Are you feeling hurt? God can help us if we choose to forgive others. 

  • Think about something you would like to forgive someone else for.
  • On one of the strips of paper provided, write the word ‘Forgiven’ with a pen or a marker.
  • Dip the paper into the water and as you see the letters fade think how it feels to be forgiven and to forgive.
  • Thank God who forgives you everything and ask him to help you in forgiving others the same way He forgives you.

How to use this space

God speaks to us in many ways, including through prayer at home. Here you will find useful background and activities to better understand how to pray, helping you to connect with God in your daily life in a meaningful way.