Fruit of the Holy Spirit


Faithfulness means being true to God. It also means that I also stand up to what is right, I am a loyal and trustworthy friend.

How can parents encourage this fruit in their children?

  • When it comes to passing on the faith to children, we know that children learn more from watching their parents living their faith, than from the words they hear. Be true with them. Show them that you struggle and that it is not always easy to follow Jesus. Pray with them, read them stories from the Bible or lives of saints.
  • Keep your promises and help the children keep their commitments too.


Holy Spirit, help me do what God wishes me to do. Help me, so that I remain faithful to promises that I make. Amen


Saint Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti loved God so much that she preferred to die rather than to sin. She stayed strong and firm when faced with temptation, and this shows us how much she truly loved Jesus! 

In the simplicity of her life as a young girl, Saint Maria Goretti has a life lesson to share with us. Resisting temptation and making the right choices is the biggest challenge a Christian can face. 

Living it!

  • Use gentle and loving words when speaking
  • Do not raise your voice, avoid name calling
  • See that your pets have food and water, be gentle with them too

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