Fear of the Lord

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Fear of the Lord

The gift of Fear of the Lord helps me trust in God and know how great God is. Since I love God, I would not wish to do anything which offends him.

How can parents encourage this gift in their children?

  • God is creator of all that is good. When you go out with the children, point out the beauty of nature, visible in the little tiny flowers and ladybirds and the wide-open seas and skies. Together, appreciate beauty and God’s gift of life from the baby in the womb to old grandparents and relatives.


Holy Spirit, help me to always trust in God and to do only that which pleases him. Amen


Blessed Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis loved to play with his PlayStation, he enjoyed eating and was quite a class clown. However, he also lived this gift of fear of the Lord and showed it especially through his great love for the Eucharist.

He was concerned about the environment. He would dive to clear the seabed from rubbish or walk the dog to clear the park from litter.

Living it!

  • Pray the Glory be often during the day
  • Thank God for all creation and take care of it.

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