Guardian Angels

2nd October

Angels are real!

The concept of their existence, in itself an abstract reality, is not easy for children to grasp. When passing on this reality to them, we need to be careful to steer clear of verging in depicting them in such a way that children connect them to childhood imaginary friends or to some kind of fairy godmother or a tooth fairy!

Angels feature strongly in Scripture. Encourage children to list as many angel narratives as they can remember. Leafing through an illustrated Children’s Bible will help them construct the reality of angels within an evangelical context. These might include:

  • Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary the birth of Jesus;
  • A Messenger Angel told Joseph in a dream to tell him that Mary’s Baby was from God, this Angel told him to name the Baby Jesus and later he directs him to flee to Egypt;
  • Angels feature in important roles in the Nativity narratives: with the shepherds, with the Magi;
  • Angels came to Jesus in the desert, at His agony in Gethsemane, at His Resurrection.

Guardian Angels are angels that have been chosen to serve God with a special mission. They were never human beings who became angels. They have always been angels. God knows each and every one of us individually, so He assigns a Guardian Angel to each person, to guide us, to keep us close to Him, to keep us on the right path moving in the right direction towards Him, while  protecting us from harm and evil.

In one of his morning meditations from Santa Martha, Pope Francis referred to the  Guardian Angel as a “travelling companion.” He stated that often the positive promptings that we experience are “the voice of our Guardian Angel.” The role of the Guardian Angel is to guide, protect and support us. God also provides us with people around us who also act like a guardian angel with us. Encourage the children to identify these people:

  • those who care for us at home;
  • some relatives;
  • teachers;
  • catechists;
  • good friends.

If they have younger brothers or sisters or cousins they can act like guardian angels for them. Talk about how they can do this. Listen to their views.

During prayer time suggest to the children to close their eyes and imagine that they can see their Guardian Angel. What would they like to tell/ask him?  Let them voice it or allow them to keep it silent. Jesus knows us individually. Start to build the foundation of a personal relationship with Jesus by leading them to start their prayer: “Jesus, I am (name). I know you know me because You gave me a Guardian Angel who is with me now.” Continue with expressions of praise, thanksgiving, petition.

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to bless your children and ask for the protection of their Guardian Angel over them.

God sends a Guardian Angel to each person to guide us, to keep us close to Him, to keep us on the right path moving in the right direction towards Him, while  protecting us from harm and evil.

Colour and decorate the colouring page we are providing below. Afterwards, either laminate or put it in a frame and hang it in your room. Every morning say the Guardian Angel’s prayer with your family! Don’t forget to send us a picture of your drawing in a frame/laminated, so we would be able to upload it on our web page!

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