Fruit of the Holy Spirit


Peace is when I live in harmony with God and those around me. This peace helps me not to be afraid or worried. I know that God is in control.

How can parents encourage this fruit in their children?

  • The peace the Holy Spirit gives is not just a lack of fighting. It is also living in the right way, which is at times also the hard way. Ask the children where in their lives, in which situations they are not experiencing peace. They may be more comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings through drawings rather than through conversation. Talk about this situation and help them deal with it. Pray about it with the children.


Holy Spirit, help me to turn to God whenever I am afraid or worried. Help me also so that I bring peace to others. Amen.


Saint Francis of Assisi

St Francis came from a very rich family. Yet he initially led a troubled life disrupted by bad decisions. He realised he was not living correctly and he decided to live a simple life, helping the poor and working to spread the Word of God and His love. Francis lived Jesus’ teaching loving his enemies and doing good to those who hated him.

Living it!

  • Learn St Francis’ Prayer: Lord make me an instrument of your peace
  • When you are afraid or worried, stop and pray. First remember to praise God and thank him.
  • How can you be a peace-maker at home?

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