Peace garden

Prayer Spaces at Home and a Prayer for peace and tranquility

Hello children, how are you? Take care.

Today we are meeting again to do another Prayer Space and the prayer space of today is named ‘Peace Garden’. 

For this prayer space we need:

  • glue stick, 
  • biro, 
  • flower template
  • popsicle sticks 

What we’ll do is, to think about when we feel at peace or else how peace can occur or else how can I be a peace bearer.  So, let me think, I close my eyes and I will pray for peace in the world or in our families or in our friendships.

Now I will get a biro and a paper from those and I will write where I wish to feel at peace. On every petal, I will write where I want peace to occur for example, my wish is that there’ll be peace in the world, so I’m going to write ‘in the world’ and I can also draw the world. I also wish that there be peace in my family so I’ll write, family and I also wish that there’ll be peace in all my friendships so I will draw my friends.

I will invite you to do the same, you are going to think a little where we wish to feel at peace, and you will pray for this peace to reign.

We will now use the popsicle stick, put some glue on the stick and I attach the flower to it.  Next, I will get a plant and I will place the stick in the plant, like so in this.

Every time I see this plant I will remember to pray to God for peace where there is no peace. I will pray for peace in the world, for peace in our families and between us.

I hope that you will do this Prayer Space and have fun filling this plant of yours with a lot of prayers for peace.

Bye for now. We will meet again to make another prayer space.  

How to use this space

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