Saint Catherine of Alexandria

25th November

St.Catherine of Alexandria is believed to have lived around 320AD. She was the daughter of a pagan governor of Alexandria in Egypt. The story of her life has been surrounded by legends and anecdotes that are difficult to prove historically. However, it is known that she lived at a time when it was difficult to live as a Christian and profess one’s faith. In spite of all this, Catherine, who loved books and learning, became a passionate Christian when she came across the Christian Faith through her studies. She studied the Christian Faith with great enthusiasm and started to proclaim her faith with whoever she met.

With her skills of persuasion and her knowledge of the Christian Faith, she led many people to their conversion to Christianity. Catherine travelled from Alexandria in Egypt to Rome, to confront the Emperor because he was persecuting Christians. She did not forsake her faith, when she was flogged and jailed in a dungeon. She continued with her efforts and persuasion to bring even those around her, to acknowledge Christ and to follow Him. Catherine refused to give up her faith and her love for Jesus Christ. Eventually her steadfastness in the faith cost her her life. The Emperor ordered Catherine to be beheaded. It is true that this young lady must have been an intelligent girl endowed with great wit and skills of persuasion.  

These qualities alone would not have been effective in her efforts to bring people to Christ unless she was knowledgeable about the Christian Faith. How knowledgeable are our children in their Faith? Let us not remain detached from what goes on in our children’s experiences of Faith!

Make it a point to talk with the children about the Gospel they would have heard during Mass, and perhaps also about one point from the homily.

Discuss with them what topics they are dealing with in their Religion Classes at school and at Doctrine classes.

Our children need to be strong in their faith, if they are to be Christian adults that can stand up to be counted, able to distinguish good from bad not according to what we see and hear from our friends or the social media but according to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

  • Even in modern times, there are still courageous people who have suffered martyrdom for their faith. This has taken place in countries where Christian Communities  have been persecuted because what they stand for, is seen as a threat to the powerful group in the country. (Older children may be encouraged to research these)
  • In our daily lives we too may be ‘persecuted’ in a different form. We might be made fun of, ridiculed, because we still attend Mass or even when we make the Sign of the Cross in public, or for saying prayers before meals. . .even in a restaurant. We might be even sneered at when we speak up, to stand up for our beliefs in the Faith
  • Talk to the children so that they express what they feel when this happens and about their reaction.
  • Encourage them to continue practising public signs of their beliefs, proudly.

For family prayer time the adult may lead prayers- for those who cannot practise their faith and religious practices – for those who are not being treated well because of their belief.

Ask God:

  •  to continue giving courage to those who are suffering because of their beliefs.  
  • to strengthen us so that we may continue to show our belief in Jesus Christ by the way we live

St. Catherine was a noble young lady from Alexandria. She was extremely bright, in fact she is the patron saint of philosophers, students and also of those craftsmen who build or repair wooden wheels.  Pictures in churches presents this Martyr with a crown, book and a wheel.

Create your own bicycle to think more about Catherine’s Martyrdom to protect her religious Believe. 

All you need is some lollipop sticks/cotton buds/ pipe cleaners and unwanted CDs/ paper plates in order to create your own bike! Don’t forget to send us a picture with your craft so we would be able to share your work of art on our page! 

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