“Catechesis through Images” aims to help children learn basic prayers and their religious meaning through pictures, repetition and fun activities. 

It helps them learn:
● to say the most important prayers;
● to associate prayers with daily life and the Scriptures
● to grasp basic notions of the faith through images or “icons”. 

The resources include:  
● Video with guided questions;
● Flashcards for printing and lamination; 
● Quizzes, activity sheets and games for children of different literacy abilities.

It is recommended that children are introduced to these resources in the sequence that they are provided:  
● the parent or catechist engages the child’s curiosity through the video;  
● the child is given the flashcards to handle and repeat saying the prayer as often as they like;  
● the learning is deepened through fun activities to suit different literacy abilities. 


● Gives a brief introduction to the prayer and why it is important in the Christian life; 
● Helps the child learn key insights about the faith through each prayer;
● Helps children to memorise and grasp the meaning of the prayer through associating words, images and gestures; 
● The parent or catechist can pause the video to engage the child through questions and answers.  


● The child can scroll through the flashcards on the screen;
● Flashcards can also be downloaded, printed, laminated and put in a ring so the child can play with them.  

These are recommended for memorising the prayers in a more engaging way. 

Fun activities 

Quiz, worksheets and colouring sheets can be downloaded individually (ideal for parents) or as a whole set (ideal for catechists). They include: 

● Quiz (which is interactive); 
● Fill in the blanks;
● Choose the correct word; 
● Put in the correct sequence;  
● Crossword;
● Matching game; 
● Colouring the correct word; 
● Colouring page.

In other words… there is something for all children… even the youngest! The parent or catechist can adapt according to the child’s learning style and literacy level. 

Cover art

Fill in the blanks

Cover art

Put in the right order

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Cover art


Cover art

Match the correct pictures

Cover art

Colouring page