Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The gift of understanding helps me understand what God wants to say to me.  I understand what God is telling me through Jesus, the Bible and the Church.

How can parents encourage this gift in their children?

  • Help the children understand why God wants them to love each other, to help and forgive others.
  • First and foremost, explain your actions and decisions, for example, when asking them to do something, or giving them a punishment.


Holy Spirit, help me understand what God is telling me, especially through the Bible and the teaching of the Church. Amen.


Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Augustine is the son of St Monica. When he was young, he led a tormented life. Later he was baptised, he became a priest and a bishop of Hippo (a city in today’s Algeria). He lived the gift of Understanding and shared it through the writing of many books that he wrote to explain the Bible and the Church teachings.  His writings help many people, even today, to understand God’s messages

Living it!

  • Read the Bible every day or watch a video about one of the stories from the Bible

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