Washed away

Prayer Spaces at Home and A prayer for forgiveness

Jesus  explained to Peter and  to us, that we should forgive one another from the heart.  This parable is about the mercy of God.  God is represented by a king who forgave and set free one of his servants who owed him a huge amount of debt.  This huge debt couldn’t be paid not even if the slave had to work for his lifetime.  

Unfortunately, this slave instead of showing the same kind of mercy he was shown by the king decided to put into prison one of his fellow slaves, who owed him much less.  

According to Jesus’ narration, when the king got to know what happened he was very angry because  he expected this servant to forgive like him.  In the same way, God expects Peter and all of us to forgive others endlessly in the same way God forgives us. 

Before we start todays’ prayer space let us remind ourselves that God is with us wherever we are and in all that we do. The prayer space we are going to do today is called: Washed Away – and  to do it  we need:

  • A piece of paper
  • Pen  or markers
  • A bowl of  water

Sometimes other people say and do things that hurt us.   Start  by taking some time to  think of something you would like to forgive someone else for.  

On the piece of paper, write the word ‘forgiven’ using a pen or a marker.

Now, dip this paper into the water and as you watch it disappear think how it feels to be forgiven and to forgive.

Thank God who forgives you everything and ask him to help you forgive those who caused you hurt either by their words or by their actions.

A prayer for forgiveness

Dear Lord Jesus hear our prayers
As we bring to you our cares.
Please forgive us any wrongs,
As we sing our sorry song.
Help us to be kind each day,
In our thoughts and all we say.

(tune: Twinkle, twinkle little star)

Source: St Mary & St Joseph Catholic Church in Pocklington

How to use this space

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