Who was Saint Joseph?

Year of St Joseph

This year, Pope Francis is talking and writing a lot about Saint Joseph, and he is encouraging us to learn more about Saint Joseph and to learn from him. A good question to start with, therefore, is: who was Saint Joseph?

Saint Joseph was the husband of Our Lady. God asked Saint Joseph to take care of Jesus (when the Son of God became a human being, just like us!). We read about Saint Joseph in the Gospels of Saints Matthew and Luke. We do not have, however, any words that Saint Joseph might have spoken. This does not mean, though, that Saint Joseph never spoke!

We know that Saint Joseph was a quiet man who respected everyone, and he loved not only those around him, but he also loved God. We also know that Saint Joseph used to dream a lot, that he used to help others and that he was always ready to do what God asked him to do.

Saint Joseph used to dream a lot. Do you dream? What do you dream about? Do you dream about your future? Saint Joseph had his own dreams, but in the Gospel we read about four particular dreams that Joseph had, in which God showed Saint Joseph the plans God had for him.

Saint Joseph was not someone who thought only of himself – his dreams were but about helping others. This attitude helped him to accept God’s plan for him, and in doing so, Saint Joseph ended up doing things that he would have never imagined. 

Saint Joseph was never afraid of God’s surprises in his life. He was certain that God loves him and he was thus not afraid to do whatever God asked of him, even if he did not always understand. Saint Joseph was capable of taking care of Jesus because Saint Joseph trusted in God. We too, in our live, are invited to believe and trust in God, and to respect and to help others.