Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The gift of Fortitude gives me courage to follow Jesus and live a good Christian life. I will have the courage to stand up for what I believe to be good.

How can parents encourage this gift in their children?

  • Be a good example, by doing your best to be holy and taking the right decisions 
  • Praise their efforts to be good
  • Encourage them to do what is right, even when it is difficult to do so


Holy Spirit, give me courage to follow Jesus every day. Amen.


Saint Stephen

Saint Stephen preached about Jesus. Some Jews were very angry because they did not want the Jewish people to follow Jesus. The Jewish leaders lied about him. Stephen showed fortitude when he stood firm with what he was preaching. He did not deny Jesus and for this reason, they stoned him to death.

Living it!

  • Be brave, like St Stephen, do not be afraid or shy to say that you love Jesus, do not hide from your friends, that you pray and go to Mass
  • Be brave in front of your friends, do not do what they want, if this is not what Jesus wishes

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