Fruit of the Holy Spirit


Joy is when I try to make others happy. I find joy because I know that God is good.

How can parents encourage this fruit in their children?

  • The Joy that the Spirit gives and mere human happiness are not the same. The joy I have in my heart does not change even when bad things happen because it comes from the conviction that God is near. Help the children experience this joy by pointing out the reasons why we should thank and praise God. Do this exercise regularly but especially if the children have had a bad day.
  • Read Acts 13, 42-52 to show how Paul and Barnabas were filled with joy, even though bad things happened to them


Holy Spirit, help me believe and know that God is near me, especially when I am feeling down and hurt. Help me to bring joy to others. Amen.


Saint John Bosco

John Bosco lived when many orphan boys had nowhere to live. These unfortunate boys stole, fought and were violent. John Bosco wanted to help these boys. He started to meet boys in a form of Sunday school where he created an opportunity to teach the boys the Christian Faith, to spend time in prayer with them and also to play! John Bosco helped many boys to find the joy of the Holy Spirit. His motto was “first, be happy; second, study and pray; third, do good to everyone.”

Living it!

  • We find joy when we do what God wishes us to do. Think about all the good choices you made today. These thoughts will fill your heart with joy.
  • Think about any bad choices you made. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you choose between right and wrong. This will give you joy, because you know that Holy Spirit hears your prayer and will help you.

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