Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The gift of knowledge encourages me to learn more about God and get to know God better. God is my creator and provider. I also see God, in those whom I meet.

How can parents encourage this gift in their children?

  • Talk with the children about the many ways that God blesses us every day.
  • Regularly speak about how God cares for you and help them see God working in their lives too.


Holy Spirit, give me the gift of Knowledge because I want to get to know God more and more. Also help me see God in those whom I meet, especially in those with whom I disagree.


Saint Mary di Rosa

Saint Mary di Rosa was born to a wealthy family. Her mother died when Mary was 11 years old. At 17, she left school to help in her father’s business. Mary lived the gift of knowledge because she cared for the workers, especially the women and those who were poor or sick, particularly when there was a cholera epidemic. During the war in Brescia, she cared for the sick and wounded. She also started a Congregation to serve the ill and suffering.

Living it!

  • Do not gossip! Before saying something unkind about someone, stop and think how God is looking at that person. Remember that God loves that person, as much as he loves you.
  • Before going to sleep, think about how God has helped you during this day. Thank God for all his help

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