Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The gift of wisdom helps me know what is right and what God wants me to do. I can also help others do God’s will.

How can parents encourage this gift in their children?

  • Talk with the children about God’s love and how God shows this love.
  • Help them understand the difference between right and wrong.


Holy Spirit, help me understand how much God loves me. Let me love God above everyone and everything else. Amen.


Saint Catherine of Alexandria

St Catherine lived the gift of Wisdom when she proclaimed her faith with whoever she met. She helped many people convert to Christianity. She loved Jesus and she died a martyr.

Living it!

  • Spend time with God each day, like you do with friends. Talk to God about your day, your feelings, your plans.
  • Before making a decision, pray.
  • Before doing something, ask yourself, if this would please God.

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