Fruit of the Holy Spirit


Kindness is putting the needs of others before mine. It is the opposite of selfishness.

How can parents encourage this fruit in their children?

  • Instinct is to hit back when wronged. Teach the children to give the person who wronged them, time to make things right and to apologise. Act similarly, when the children disobey. Do not punish in anger. Although wrong choices carry consequences and should be addressed, do this with love. 
  • Show kindness and respect to those around you. Start with your family, neighbours and friends. The children will learn from your example.


Holy Spirit, help me to ask forgiveness for the wrongs that I do. Help me to serve others as Jesus did. Amen.


Saint Giuseppe Moscati

Giuseppe Moscati, was a professor, whose studies led to the discovery of insulin. As a young Catholic, studying at the University of Naples, he never failed to hear Mass every day. He treated the poor at his clinic not only without charging fees but often sending them home with money in an envelope. He was a frontliner in the outbreak of cholera in 1911 and in treating wounded soldiers in the First World War. He was always tender-hearted and compassionate. 

Living it!

  • Do not forget to use these words often: “Please” or “May I”, “I am sorry” or “Forgive me” and “Thank you”
  • Share your toys, games and sweets
  • Help at home, without waiting to be asked

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