Fourth reflection

Pope Francis dreams and wants to see a world – and a Church – in which everyone can make a difference. We are often discouraged because we see politicians or priests making decisions that do not necessarily seem right, and this leads us to think that we do not play an important part in the world or in Church. But this is not the case!

Pope Francis reminds us that we are part of the world and of the Church, so our dreams and desires are also important to help the world and the Church be better and more beautiful places. In recent years we have seen Pope Francis discuss with young people how the Church can help young people live their dreams and desires, and we have also seen Pope Francis discuss with the people of the Amazon how the Church can work better in this small – but important part of the world.  The Church is currently going through a long process during which she listens to the views of everyone – children, adults, and the elderly, from all over the world – to make the Church more helpful to all the people of the world.

Why does it take so long? This long process reminds us that in the Church, everyone is important and above all that God works with everyone and for everyone. What does this mean? This process means that Pope Francis would like to remind us of the importance of prayer in our lives. When we pray, we understand more clearly – even if takes time – what God wants from us in our lives, so that we can do our part to build a Church – and a better world. When Pope Francis wants to listen to everyone, he is doing this because he believes that God is working for a better Church and world through everyone – including you!